Remote Surveillance

Since the security of your business or residence is of the utmost importance, you probably already have a security system of some kind in place. However, many conventional systems do not give you the coverage you need. Security guards are vulnerable to attack even when they are performing their jobs well; security personnel do not always monitor the entire area or if they do, their schedule is too easy to overcome; sometimes security personnel are actually complicit in illegal activities.

Access alarms frequently give a false alarm or may be circumvented if the intruder cuts power. Security cameras are often useful only after the event has occurred, but if they have been inactivated they can provide no useful information.

Clear Call Belize has developed many affordable packages of off-site monitoring that gives real time surveillance of your entire property. Any unusual, suspicious or hazardous event will be reported immediately to your organization for instructions. Our packages may serve to augment your current security arrangements or actually replace some of the arrangements you currently use.


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